Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo Day 11

BookBlogWriMo Day 11! 
Today's topic..#Top10Tuesday
The top viewed posts on my blog. 

I am going to list the books, and add links to the blog post, and tell you why you should read these books! 

#1 Lost Innocence By Simon Palmer
Lost Innocence  
 Both of these books are gritty and real! You get the feeling that the author had a front row seat to the action.

#2 Author Andrea Johnson Beck
Author Andrea Johnson Beck 
Andrea has a world full of secrets and I loved traveling through her world and feeling what her characters felt. Plus she is a truly awesome lady! 

#3 Nick Nolan
Nick Nolan 
I said that Nick is one of the best kept secrets in my group of authors that are also friends. That should change. Nick writes in the m/m genre, which was fairly new to me when I read his series, and I found a love for the genre. Nick adds real history to his books I am a stickler for the history being right in a book, and I am happy to report that I could not find any errors with these books! 

#4 The Fabulous R.K. Ryals
R.K. Ryals 
R.k has a BUNCH of books, and I have very much enjoyed each series. She brings such emotion to her characters and I feel like they are my friends! Plus, this lady is beautiful inside and out!

#5 Deena Remiel
Deena Remiel 
 Angels..do I really have to say more? From the first pages of her series Deena had me hooked! She is an awesome person too! 

#6 Jenna Galicki
Get Ready For Some Rock Stars
Two great rock star books. Jenna makes you feel like you are with the band. Her characters are so real, and I think that is one reason I fell in love with them all. She is a rock star herself! 

#7 Jane Wakely
Jane Wakely
I loved Jane's series because they are short books that can be read in the bathtub, or waiting for appointments. 

#8 Left Behind
 Vi Keeland
 Perfectly sexy and hot! I don't know that much more needs said! Vi is a super sweet lady too! 

#9 Ghostly
Brooke Kennedy
This book was out of the normal for a paranormal book for me, as it deals with ghosts, not shifters, vamps or angels and demons. It was fantastic, great characters and world building too! 

#10 Big Game
Aden Lowe
This was Aden's first solo book and I think he did it brilliantly. Smoking hot sex scenes, believable characters, this book has it all! 

So there is my top ten most visited posts. Have you read any of these books?

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