Monday, November 3, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo day 3 
 11/3 – Where You Read - Pretty self-explanatory. Bonus for a picture!

I read where ever I can, the only exception is if I am in a car, then I cannot read at all. 
My Kindle goes a lot of places with me just in the odd chance that I can steal a few minutes of reading while I am away from home. And I will read anywhere, most of the time it is on the couch or in my bed.

As for the bonus of pictures? Well I have two that I will share that were taken on different nights. 
I have a very spoiled little cat named Panda, who also gives you a dirty look if you call him a cat! Well, when he has decided I am not paying enough attention to him he puts his paws on my shoulders in an attempt to make me lie down, it usually works because he is too cute to disobey.
This first one is him being happy his human really obeyed his master. Look at how smug he is.
As for this second one, he finally just passed out with his head down on my shoulder during one of my all night reading marathons! 

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