Saturday, November 1, 2014

 New From Scarlett Jade: Saving Grace(Wild Rose 1)

$3.99 0r FREE with Kindle Unlimited :)

This is a coming of age, college romance, with a sweet, innocent lead character named Grace. Grace ends up falling for someone she shouldn't... He pushes her away, but eventually, he can't deny the attraction between them any longer.

The rule was simple—don't fall in love with a student. Drake had never had that problem—not until he met the buxom brunette in the bar. Grace was one of a kind, virginal but far from chaste. When she wanted him to teach more than history, he was left with a choice that could ruin them both. 

Grace was always the good girl, until she met her wild best friend, Christina, who pushed her out of her shell. She fell head over heels for the sexy, young college professor, but when everything shattered around her, she was left with figuring out who she really was. Her journey led her somewhere she never imagined, but along the way she learned that even the wildest roses have to put down roots in a place they can call home. 


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