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I am just one person, but I do try to get all reviews done within a month of receiving them.
I have never and will never take a book to review for compensation. All books that are given to me to review will have my honest opinions written about them. I never post spoilers in my reviews. 
If I find that I cannot finish a book, I will contact the author.

All book genres are welcome to be submitted for review.

To submit a book for review please send me an email at, with the following information:
Novel Title:
Novel Genre:
Page Count:
Short Synopsis:

I can read in the following formats .mobi .pdf and word. Please let me know if you prefer to send a book directly to the Kindle, that way I can provide you my Kindle address and add you as a sender.

I am also on Facebook here, if you would prefer to send a message that way.
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