Saturday, November 1, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo is starts TODAY! YAY! 

11/1 – History of Your Blog - Tell us how you got started! When did you start your blog? Why? What have been some of your trials and tribulations? How many pigs did you have to sacrifice to get people to see your Facebook posts?

These dogs want to know the story too! 

For today's topic the history of how I got started:
I was a dark and stormy night....erm..that's a different story!

It was in January of this year that I started Books Are My Escape on Facebook as a way to share my love of books, what I was reading and authors that needed some help promoting new books. A few months later I decided to jump into blogging so I could help authors with blog tours and cover reveals. 

I have, so far, just bumbled my way through posting. I am trying to learn as I go. 
I have been lucky to have people view my FB site, mostly through author's sharing my page and signing up to donate prizes for authors as well. Rafflecopter has been my friend with all those likes! And I add more weekly as I find new authors to read as well. 

Check back tomorrow for the topic: How I read. 

Have a great day! 

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