Friday, November 14, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo Day 14

#BookBlogWriMo Day 14! 

Today's topic: My Rating System. 

I do not have a posted system as of this very moment that is written down, so you all are seeing first. 

When I start to do my ratings I will be using my cat Panda in place of stars. Why? Well because he lays on me a lot when I read, and even when I am trying to write a review. My family thinks we have an unhealthy relationship, now our relationship will have more purpose! (Or that is what I will tell them so they leave us alone!) And he is cute as heck.
Now for the system and what they mean:
1 Panda: Not our cup of tea. *Possible editing needed.
2 Panda's: Getting better, still too many errors or not just our kind of story.
3 Panda's: It is a good book, some things could improve to make it great.
4 Panda's: We liked this book, easy to read and minimal errors or plot holes. 
5 Panda's: We loved it. Characters and story hooked us and didn't want to let go.

So what is your rating system? Is it similar to ours or totally different? 



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