Monday, December 8, 2014

Amanda Kay


 The Search Series Wraps up on 12/8/14 with the release of The Freedom Search (Kai & Gloria's Story and The Mother Daughter Search (A Search Series Novella) both books with be on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited


 The Freedom Search Two dark souls... Lost without escape... No freedom to be found... Except maybe with each other. ~Gloria~


Gloria has done things she's not proud of. Including trying to break up Raiden and Tai. The worst part was Kai never explained why. It didn't matter Gloria fell in line. Kai has been trying to destroy Raiden for as long as he could remember. He used Gloria, a human to try to reach that goal, but failed. Now he's drowning in his family's disapproval and he's finally starting to understand. Can two dark souls set each other free? Or will unforeseen circumstances push them a part? Leaving them both trapped.  


Freedom WRAP

  REVEAL FILE - COVER ONLY - MotherDaughter

 The Mother Daughter Search A child changes one’s views. I only have one regret in my life… My mother. ~Tai~   Melanie Lee is due any day. As Tai feels Melanie roll around inside of her she only has one regret. Her mother. She hasn’t spoken to her since the wedding. Since she voiced an objection to her and Raiden getting married. She left without saying goodbye and Tai washed her hands. However, as Melanie’s due date approaches she can’t help but wonder… Can they fix what’s broken? Does Tai really want to? Will her mother ever accept Raiden and her relationship? Tai isn’t sure, but she has to try. More than anything Tai knows her mother will always be a part of her.   


REVEAL FILE - FULL WRAP - Mother Daughter

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