Tuesday, February 17, 2015

REVIEW Godsend By Sloan Johnson


Title: Godsend
Author: Sloan Johnson
Genre: Adult, Gay Romance
Release Date: February 4, 2015

I give this 5 Panda's! 

  I received an ARC of Godsend from Sloan Johnson.
This book touched me on a soul deep level.
Scott has known that he was gay from a very young age, and his best friend Shelly knew it too. Somewhere along the line they fell in love had eleven great years together. Scott cannot imagine what he is supposed to do or how he is supposed to carry on when Shelly passes away. He alienates himself from everyone, and turn to drinking to dull his pain. Until one night almost a year after Shelly's death when her dad shows up at his house and demands that he open the door. They leave and go to a support group.
Chris goes to a local bereavement group weekly to help him deal with his sister's death and it is also a way to deal with her death that keeps him out of the bar.
The night that Scott shows up Chris sees some hope walk in the door with him. As their story unfolds they learn more about each other and Scott knows that he will eventually have to tell Chris the truth about Shelly's death and how a gay man ended up married and in love with his best friend.
Can these two broken men help fix and complete each other or are they too broken to make things work?
You have to read Godsend to get the answers to that.
This book made me cry huge alligator tears, it gave me hope that life can always get better and made me believe that life doesn't end when a loved one passes away.
Sloan is a master of tugging on your heart.


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