Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Search series Amanda Kay

Heart COVER ONLYphoto 1 Heart WRAP 11.09.59 AM Their Heart Search (Search Series #3) (Bethany & Jordan's Story) By Amanda Kay Published by: Kingsnake Publishing 10685398_10203989056745566_2504568976137217859_n Synopsis: All my life I never gave my heart... I was always going to marry him... I didn't love him, but... He's my best friend. AND NOW....Well now everything has changed. ~Bethany~ Bethany always thought she would be marrying Raiden when that time came. He never was one who was going to settle down, so Bethany just assumed the arranged marriage planned when they were sixteen was always destined to happen. But that all changed when Raiden found Tai. Bethany is now free to open up her heart and Tai's ex Jordan is proving to be sweet, loving, and respectful of her hesitations. The only problem is Bethany just doesn't know how to give herself over to love. Jordan is a moron. He knows that. He cheated on his fiancĂ©e Tai with her own mother. When he goes to Aishan to bring her back from certain trouble, she declines. Needing his own break to clear his head he chooses to stay. That was how Bethany entered his life and he now completely understands what Tai means when she says she wasn't his one, because Bethany...Well she is. She is bound up by duty and responsibility though, and having a hard time accepting that it no longer exists. Jordan now must convince her to search for her heart, just as he is searching for his. 10402959_10100721419985695_6902456502141323523_n Book Trailer 10641041_10203989248230353_6663953125082348778_n Amanda Kay Links: Facebook Twitter Website Goodreads Pintrest Email: amandakay.books@gmail.com 1779984_10204465381771822_5865653950189435419_n Bio: I am a Paranormal/Fantasy Adult Romance Author I'm twenty-nine years old. I am a Navy Wife and a mother of two. My daughter was born December 4, 2010 and my son was born July 18, 2013. My husband and I have been married for almost seven years, but we have been together since our junior year of high school and we have known each other since 8th grade, yes a long time. I am a Florida girl at heart, but since getting married I have lived in Washington, South Carolina, and our latest move Connecticut. I hold a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Writing is something I love and since I am blessed to be a stay at home mom I thought I would try my hand at getting the stories in my head out and see how far I could go. I tried a few years ago to go through a Literary Agency, but it went nowhere. The self-publishing market was just starting to get hot so I self-published two books mainly for family and friends. I then discovered the world of New Adult. I wanted to stick with my paranormal roots and began thinking up story ideas that took on not only a paranormal element, but a fantasy element as well My Motto: Not your average Fairy Tales So, that is me in a nutshell. I am a little crazy and simple and I love my life and my family. ~Amanda Kay   photo 2LetterBirthday

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